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Monologix, Inc. (“Monologix”) was founded in 2010, tasked with the goal of redefining online education, into an exciting and dynamic interactive experience. By connecting students to our world-class outdoor educational courses, we help to promote safety and expand student knowledge. We want our students to have real-world experience and help them succeed.


DrivingTests101.com – driving test prep resource website (desktop and mobile-friendly) and mobile apps to help users pass their written driving test in 23 countries, including every state and vehicle type in the US, and available in Spanish via the mobile app in the US. Since it was founded in 2010, we have served 30 million users across our website and mobile app platform
BoatTests101.com – accredited online boat course provider in the US by NASBLA, respective state boating agencies, and recognized by the US Coast Guard. It was founded in 2014, we are currently approved in 8 states in English and 4 states in Spanish, with more state approvals and countries expected to come

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